Monday, November 2, 2009


Is it wrong to sort of secretly wish that it was ok for your child to kick another child's rear end? Like, really, really give them an old fashioned butt-kicking? Because I totally know that Pip could take him. Not a doubt in my mind. Only, the kid goes to our church. So it's probably not a good idea to hope there's a confrontation. But let me tell you...

This boy is a bully. He's a disruption during Sunday School. He's a disruption during everything, actually. He's mean and rude. He's disrespectful. Not just to other kids or his parents, but to everyone. He writes ugly text messages. He has an obnoxious remark for everything. And last night...the preacher took the 6th graders out on a "field trip" to another church and then out to McDonalds. This kid sat in the car flipping birds behind the preacher's back!

What's up with that?

Obviously, this boy has issues. Apparently they include a low self-esteem AND an over-inflated ego. Clearly he has a problem interacting properly with adults as well as with other kids his age. He delights in ruining things for everyone else, and to be honest, I don't see that he has any real friends. He really only has a few cohorts that follow along out of fear of being the next victim. It's a rotten situation.

Instead of suggesting that they start a fight, we keep telling our two that they'll have to learn to deal with this sort of person since they're everywhere. Overlook what you can, don't take any crap off of him, and keep a check on your on behavior.

And hope his family decides to change churches.

Secretly, though? I'm wishing I could turn Darling Daughter loose on the brat! She wouldn't even have to give him a physical smack-down. She could put him in his place with a few well-placed verbal attacks.

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