Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thankful for God's protection

Ever had one of those Sundays where the preacher seems to be speaking straight to you? The sermon could have been written with your name filling in the blank?

Well, that was me this morning.

The pastor spoke about giving thanks. (Big surprise, considering the date.) He talked about being thankful for God's mercy, His protection and His blood (that provided our salvation.)

Well, I was already thankful for His mercy. I mean, I have never been giving exactly what I deserve. And that's a GOOD thing.

I'm thankful for His son, Jesus. Without Him I WOULD surely be getting what I deserve.

I don't usually dwell on the protection part. I know that He cares for me. I know He watches over me. I know I can count on Him. But am I aware of it on a daily basis? Nah. Probably not. So He smacked me again.

Yeah, twice in one week. Apparently I needed it...again!

We were in an accident on our way home from Church this morning. Everyone is OK...just a little sore and shaken. The other car ran a stop sign and smashed into our driver's side front and back. (Yeah, literally the whole side.) Right where my Hubby and my Pip Squeak were sitting. Hubby's hip and back are bothering him a little and Pip's shoulder took a licking, plus the seat belt got him good across the collar bone and tummy. The rest of us are just a bit rattled.

And Darling Daughter may end up hoarse from the ear-splitting SCREAM she emitted!!

We're all extremely thankful for all those defensive/dangerous driving courses that the Hubby has taken through the years, because he was able to react calmly and not panic.

Whereas, if I had been driving and gotten rammed in my door and then pushed onto two wheels, I'm pretty sure we would have flipped.

And if Darling Daughter had been driving she would have shut her eyes, thrown her hands in the air and yelled her head off. See, God even protected us from ourselves!

He also protected me from my immediate reaction. My first instinct was to yank that man out of his car and beat him with something. I was furious! He could have seriously hurt two of my most precious people! He killed my Tahoe! What was he thinking?? Running a stop sign on a rainy day? Jerk!

Except, he wasn't a bad person. It was an accident. He made a mistake. He expressed concern for my family.

So, whether the preacher meant it or not, he spoke to me this morning. I needed to hear it. God loves us. He provides for us. He protects us.

I'm so thankful!


a Tonggu Momma said...

I am so very glad that y'all are okay. Sorry about the Tahoe.

mendyc said...

I'm so glad that you're all ok. It makes me very sad to think of what could have happened. I love y'all very much. The Tahoe can be replaced. My loved ones can't!