Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Southern Thanksgiving Menu

Seems like lots of fellow bloggers are blogging their Thanksgiving menus or sharing their favorites recipes this week. I just want to give a huge "Thank you!" to those who find it in your hearts to share with people like me who look high and low for exciting and delectable ideas to steal. Because I'm all about trying out recipes...after someone else has tested them first, of course!

In keeping with the turkey theme in bloggy-land this week, I've decided to share our menu with you, too. Keep in mind that I won't be the only chef in my kitchen this year. Some years I do cook just about everything. Some years lots and lots of family members join us and they all bring a favorite dish! I like those years. I like them alot!

This year at The Source Thanksgiving Table we will have:

  1. Turkey ~ (I know! Duh. I'll be roasting it in the oven overnight to a fabulous golden-brown level of deliciosity.) I take my turkey-cooking very seriously. Seriously, I do! I pull that sucker out of the oven every so often and smear a stick of butter all over it. Then...I leave it alone. Always turns out just right.)

  2. Dressing and Gravy ~ Not to be confused with stuffing or frockin'. What? You've never heard of frockin'? Then you need to have a word with my father-in-law because frockin' is what he eats with his turkey, and if you ain't had frockin' you don't know what you're missing. It looks, smells and tastes just like dressing. Or stuffing. But it's not. It's frockin'. There's a difference. Apparently. In any case, I cook dressing. Not frockin'. And I make it the way my grandma taught me, so it's really, really good.

  3. Carrot Souffle ~ My sister will be bringing this family favorite. She has a secret trick that makes it a little easier and quicker. She umm...ahem...hope she's not reading this...she uses jarred baby food carrots. Well. So what? It's a heck of a lot faster than waiting on carrots to boil down into the exact mushiness needed for this souffle.

  4. Macaroni & Cheese ~ Again, my sister's specialty. If she makes it, my kids will devour it. If I make it, it had better come in a box labled Kraft. It just ain't my thang.

  5. Corn Casserole ~ Sister. Again. Although I do make this and quite well, I might add. I call it cornbread casserole. Our mom calls it Corn Pudding. (Because, you know, she's all British and stuff. Not. Hi Mom!) Whatever you call it, it's good.

  6. Mashed Potatoes ~ Our mom will be responsible for bringing this...because our step-dad says it's traditional Thanksgiving food. He's from up north. That pretty much explains it. Down here it doesn't count as Thanksgiving food if it doesn't contain sour cream, french fried onions, cheese or crushed up Ritz Crackers. I guess they don't have mashed potatoes up there during the other 364 days of the year.

  7. Some kind of green veggie ~ My mom's bringing something green, but isn't sure what. I'll have to let you know. But we can't be eating all orange and yellow foods on Thanksgiving! I sincerely hope it's not broccoli!

  8. Some other kind of green veggie ~ Because I have a sneaking suspicion that the first one might have something to do with broccoli.

  9. Apple Dumplings ~ Hurray for Pioneer Woman's apple dumpling recipe! EVERYONE loves these. (Yes, Chelsea, I know they're laden with high fructose corn syrup and sugar and butter, but we're eating all those vegetables at dinner so it's ok! Plus, my kids are used to running on sugar fumes. Their little bodies wouldn't know what to do without it.)

  10. Oreo Balls ~ These are kind of like truffles. They probably contain about 3000 calories each. I made about 5 dozen last year and they were ALL gone when the day was over.

  11. Pecan Pie ~ Please pronounce it correctly, y'all. It should sound like Pee Can Pah. No one I know would eat a puh-Cawn pie.

  12. Irish Cream Cake ~ Mom's making this one. It's wonderful. If she gives me the recipe, I'll share. Promise.

  13. Sweet Tea

I think that's it. My Grandma's not coming over this year, so there will be no jello-type desserts. She and Grandaddy are eating with another side of the family this time. Boo for other sides of the family that come down to steal grandparents.

After we pig out here for a while, we will travel up the road to the Hubby's mom's house where we will fill in the gaps with her homemade dumplings which I also cannot make. She's told me the recipe several times over the past twenty years, but darned if I can make them turn out right. I'm pretty sure she leaves out a step or two so that she can be the only professional dumpling cooker in the family!


Jay said...

sounds like a great thanksgiving!

Chelsea Gour said...

Ummmm, were are the sweet potatoes???? What the heck is Thanksgiving without a sweet potato casserole?? That is what I want to know! But, at least you say Pecan right! LOL!

Hezra said...

HA!! This is great. The jello thing reminds me of christmas vacation and aunt somebody brought lime jello with cat food in it? lol Sorry, that was a side note. and DRATS!! I say pecan wrong. It is sad when you are born in OK and you are taught to say things that you don't find out til adulthood are WRONG!! I HATE that! And never heard of "frocking" unless it involved a dress. But even then I think it is wrong and cross between frock and smocking... anyway. Happy thanksgiving!

mendyc said...

I was going to bring sweet potatoes but was told not to since we are having regular potatoes. I agree that Thanksgiving just won't be the same without them! :( Oh and I bought regular canned carrots this year. :P

The Source said...

Hezra~ It's Aunt Bethany! LOL The one who says the Pledge of Allegiance instead of the Blessing and put the cat food in the jello mold. We watch that movie EVERY year!

Mendy and Chelsea~ Well apparently now we've gone from two kinds of taters to NO kinds of taters. We'll have to deal with it, I guess. :)