Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The unveiling...

Thanks to your votes earlier this month, Lucy, our rotten little chiweenie demon dog, is going to be a princess for Halloween. Yes, that's right. A princess. I know. I'm not 100% certain but I think my friend Michelle must have voted more than once!
Because she actually LIKES my vicious Lucy.
And so, Darling Daughter and I trekked off to Walgreens yesterday and picked up her costume. It was on sale, what with Halloween being THIS weekend and all.
I got if for half off, and it was only five dollars to begin with.
Woo hoo.
I'm all about saving money on the dog's clothes, you know.
I really would have preferred to dress her as something a little more appropriate and fitting with her temperament...like a witch or a devil. But, what the heck. The votes said "princess" and we don't go trick-or-treating anyway. The kids are too old for that these days.
We just buy the candy and keep it.
So don't bother knocking.
Lucy's favorite Halloween treat is candy corn, in case you were wondering.
Yes, Chelsea, I even feed my dog high fructose corn syrup!
Here she is:
Princess Lucy

Isn't she sweet?!
Why, no, she's not actually.
She did willingly sit still and pose, though, for the entire 30 seconds that Darling Daughter held that piece of ham in front of her nose!


a Tonggu Momma said...

This photo? Made me laugh out loud. I'm not sure, but she appears to be a rather reluctant princess.

Kiy said...

Love the photo, but seriously, I laughed and laughed when I read this: We just buy the candy and keep it. So don't bother knocking. I am *so* heading over to your house on Saturday night and knocking until you answer the door! Or rather, I would, if I could remember how to get there. I think your mom took me a very convoluted way ... on purpose? :)

Cheers, been thinking about you, Kiy