Thursday, October 29, 2009

They stole what??

There have been several break-ins in our area lately. Although we live in a great neighborhood and I have always felt safe here, over the past few weeks someone (or several someones) has been smashing windows, kicking in doors and helping themselves to free stuff! And they don't seem to mind if someone is still home when they arrive to load up the truck.

"That's OK. Don't get up, we're just here for the laptop, ma'am!"

Well, why not! I mean, the economy is bad, right? Why work and save for your own flat screen TV when there's a perfectly good one hanging on a wall down the street? It's already been paid for. Help yourself!

Last week the local news featured a story about an elderly grandma who woke up in the middle of the night to find that a couple of guys in hooded sweatshirts had let themselves in though her laundry room door. (Yes, they smashed it in, but what do you expect? She forgot to leave them a key!) Granny yelled out for her husband to grab the shotgun...never mind hubby's been dead for quite some time, the criminals apparently didn't know that...and the bad guys cut loose and ran! Thank the Lord they didn't hurt her!

The very next day a neighbor returned home from church to find her back door wide open and her television, microwave, stereo system, computer, dvd player, and jewelry gone. They even took her TOILET PAPER! Now, that was just WRONG! I figure it had to be teenagers. Only amateurs would steal the Charmin! Any robber worth his salt knows that the first thing a person needs upon walking into their burglarized home is the toilet paper! Because discovering that your home has been invaded is bound to make you have to pee. Or worse! A little compassion, please.

All of these instances have caused us to rethink and double check our own safety measures. We have the dead bolts, the security system, the dog that barks at everything. We've electrified the fence. We're thinking of having infrared cameras installed along side the motion-detector lights. You can never be to cautious when it comes to your family's safety.

I just want to warn any potential scumbags that may scope out my house. It's not worth it, man. You don't really want our tvs...they're not even plasma! The video game system? Way out of date! Ask my kids, if you don't believe me! They complain about it on a weekly basis. The computer? So slow you may as well go to the library and look stuff up in the card catalog. And if you come after my toilet paper? I may be forced to use the BB gun!


Hezra said...

We had someone open our van door in the middle of the night. I was still up working on my class work, and heard it. I jumped up and saw the light in the van on. So I screamed for hubby, and he went straight to the porch turned on the light and screamed "HEY!" I felt a little like Madea. . . "oh I KNOW there aint nobody breakin in MY car!" lol and for real, we really haven't got a darn thing in that van that anyone in their right mind would want. lol But his weapon of choice? Was the shop broom on the porch with the metal handle. lol wayyyy better than a bb gun!

Chelsea Gour said...

That's just sad...but you crack me up!