Tuesday, October 6, 2009

SO Incredible!

It's Spirit Week at the high school again, and as always Darling Daughter gets into things wholeheartedly. Today is Superhero Day. After much debate, she decided to go as:
I'm kidding. Although, the superhero she picked out DOES suit her, because she actually IS incredible. but I'm only her mom, what do I know.

Well...she couldn't be Mr. Incredible or Dash, because they're boys. And she doesn't have dark hair, (and I'm not buying a wig) so Violet was out. I think she could have passed for Elastigirl, though, she's obviously flexible enough.

Did I mention that she's been invited to go up and practice with the cheerleading squad at the college she wants to attend?? AND she gets to sit with them on the field during a game. AND she's only a junior. AND she's so excited we may never hear the end of it between now and November. She's dreamed of cheering in college since she was 5 years old. It doesn't hurt that the squad she's going to meet also competes!

Hopefully, I'll have more goofy pictures tomorrow...if she participates in Twickback Day.
Have an incredible day!


The Momster said...

Cute - where'd you get the shirt???

a Tonggu Momma said...

I hope the Tongginator grows up to be just like your girl... feisty and independent and sure of herself.