Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SEED Science Saturday

Science Education Enrichment Day is held at one of the local universities. All sorts of stations are set up throughout the campus so that kids can get a hands-on experience that's really unique. The kids and I spent a few hours there last Saturday checking out everything while Dad worked in the yard!
Well, come on, who wants to do garden chores when it's 40 degrees and raining!
Certainly not my twins!
First, they extracted their DNA. This was less difficult than you might think. It involved Gatorade, liquid dish detergent, a coffee stirrer and alcohol. If you want to know the exact procedure, leave a comment and I'll post it another day.

Next, they played with bolts of lightning. Well, only two of them did. Darling Daughter wouldn't touch the thing...she's a big old chicken when it comes to being zapped with electricity! Quatro spent so much time with the zapper that his knuckles turned red.

Moving on to the weather station, they stuck their hands in the tornado machine.

And then took their turns in front of the weather man's green screen and attempted to do a forecast. Pip Squeak was a tiny bit nervous to be on "TV"...

Apparently Quatro thought he was broadcasting the temperature in Ancient Egypt.
He's not the least bit shy.
Takes that after his sister.

Moving right along...they discovered this turtle in a bucket. Not sure why the poor turtle was in the bucket, but he sure was trying his best to escape. The boys had to determine the differences between this type of turtle and the sea turtles we've been learning about in home school. Very exciting, I know. Quatro just HAD to pet the turtle. Yick! Salmonella! Luckily, there was a large bottle of hand sanitizer nearby.

Moving right along...they played with electromagnets...

made paper...WITH sparkles! Boys just love sparkles, don't they? Yeah, right.

OH! The thrill of having your blood pressure checked by sports medicine students!
Can't you see the joy on his face!

Pip participated in a "How many sit-ups can you do in 60 seconds" thing.
He did 40.
Not bad for a Pip Squeak.
The average for a boy his age is like 22-35, or so they said.

Finally, the boys practiced saving "Choking Charlie" who had swallowed a white marble.
Poor Charlie.
They pounded and pounded on him.

They did manage to rescue him, thank goodness.
Probably broke a few ribs, too, but at least he isn't choking any more!

We missed out on the planetarium, the forensic science stuff and the umm..FOOD! Had to get moving in order to make the Living History event before it closed for the day!
There's always next year!


Chelsea Gour said...

First, no fair that both events took place on the same day! Someone should really plan better for families that want to do both activities! Don't cha think? And second, you know I want that recipe for DNA! I actually think my sister gave it to me once, when she was a biology major...but, I lost it. So, post it please!

Tammy said...

Awesome! My son would LOVE all of this!