Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pros and Cons of Colonial Life...

The kids and I spent the afternoon walking around our local Living History Park during a re-enactment of Colonial Times. We go just about every year and they really enjoy meeting the "Revolutionary Soldiers", the backwoodsmen, the tavern owner, musicians, story-teller, circus troupe, blacksmith, tanner and all the folks that teach us what life was like back when our country was...ummm...well, not a country yet. Last year they even got to talk to "Ben Franklin" and this year "Daniel Boone" showed up!
As fun as it is to relive the olden days, I always leave with a feeling of gratitude.
Gratitude that I do NOT have to live in the same conditions people had to put up with 250 years ago! Thank you, God, for central heat and roofing shingles! I've taken the time to put together a little list for you.
Top reasons why I'm glad I don't live in the 1700's:
They did not have GE Profile convection ovens.
Baking bread over this humongous open flame in the summer time in South Carolina doesn't look like much fun to me. Not that I bake a lot of bread, but I can assure you my family would have done without cakes and lasagnas!!
While we're on the subject of cooking...I prefer roasting my chickens in the NuWave oven.
If I had to hang them from a tripod of sticks over a little campfire, well, let's just say my kids would be vegetarians and they'd be grazing in the yard.
Apparently, Colonists were required to purchase no more than one hogshead but no less than ten gallons of rum at a time. Hmm. I don't know how much a hogshead is, but ten gallons of rum?? Geesh. I hope they weren't drinking the rum while they fixed dinner! All those open flames and alcohol? Bad idea.
I find it rather difficult writing with a quill! Also, I was not aware that quills had to be tempered before they would be good for writing. Too much trouble. Give me a wooden pencil or a ballpoint pen. Better yet, a computer keyboard!
My kid is much too interested in swords and knives and hatchets and such. If we'd lived in Colonial Times, I'm certain he'd be missing a few fingers and toes. was COLD today. And Rainy. And this spot doesn't look all that cozy.
I'd rather be in my 68 degree, insulated brick house, thanks.

Also, if I were to happen upon one of THESE guys while roasting my chickens over a campfire, I would go into cardiac arrest! I can't figure out why the man seated on the ground wasn't FREEZING what with his butt hanging out and all. Lovely.

Did I mention little children walking around with muskets on their backs?
(OK, so it wasn't real, but I'm betting it WOULD have been back then!)

Colonial Days are interesting to learn about and all, but I'm definitely a 2000's kind of girl!
Although...these gorgeous little Patriots could change my mind.

And this guy?? Look at that face!
With his glasses down on his nose he almost looks like Ben Franklin!

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The Momster said...

I have found myself watching "Pride and Prejudice" a lot lately - while cozy in bed. I always think about they must smell. b.... there are pigs and cows in the courtyard....c nobody looks clean and well kept. They never show them brush their teeth, but I know there was no Colgate or Crest during the era. No Charmin squeezably soft tissue either! Thanks... I'll keep my conveniences. Power. Refrigerator. Blue Jeans....