Thursday, October 1, 2009

Demon Dog earns Just Desserts!

It finally happened.
Lucy the Demon Dog got put in her place!
Little Miss Loudmouth got exactly what she deserved.
The Terror of the Neighborhood got her comeuppance.
And it was HILARIOUS!
Tuesday evening, Quatro was waiting for me to come out and get in the car. He was standing around in the driveway, munching on a bag of candy corn and chatting with the neighbors' little grandson. Lucy was naturally doing her thing that she does when people are outside the fence ignoring her rather than inside the fence paying her all the attention. In other words, she was running in circles, having a barking frenzy and foaming at the mouth. An adorably fuzzy Jack Russell puppy came scampering up to the boys, which of course made jealous Lucy even madder! Quatro bent down to give the puppy a rub, and Lucy raised her hackles and squealed like someone had just flattened her with a steamroller. How dare her boy pet another mutt!
The puppy, curious about the snarling beast behind the fence, calmly went over to check her out. He sniffed at her while she yapped like a hyena.
Being the little BOY doggie that he is, he decided to deal with her the best way her knew how.
He raised his leg and peed on her.
Oh, did that rotten Chiweenie EVER deserve it!! I haven't laughed so hard in ages.


Hezra said...

HAHAHHA!!!! That is so awesome! ;-)

Michelle said...

OMG!!!! that is funny but poor lucy!