Monday, October 12, 2009

Amazing Discovery

Because of his Cerebral Palsy related balance issues, our Pip Squeak is not able to ride a regular bicycle like most twelve year old kids...never mind a skateboard, scooter, roller blades or dirt bike. Trust me, we've tried and tried, but it just isn't possible. In order to give him the ability to race up and down the street, we've exhausted many options through the years.

At age three, he got an Amtryke which was donated through Ambucs, a terrific service organization. He was so proud of that little red contraption! He was able to ride the Amtryke with no trouble at all, and loved it! But three year old children tend to grow. After a while, we passed it along to our therapist so that she could give it to another child.

Last Christmas he and his twin brother each received a Huffy Green Machine. Because of the low center of gravity, we thought that Pip would be burning rubber up and down the driveway in this thing! We put one together right away and took it outside. However, sitting so low meant that he had to pedal with his legs out in front of him, and so the Green Machine didn't work out. He couldn't manage to ride it no matter how hard he tried. Over the past ten months he's been on the Green Machine several times...someone always pushes him to the top of the hill and he coasts down full-speed-ahead! But he's just not able to ride it independently. Watching his brother and his buddies race around? Not so much fun. In fact, his is still in the box. Never opened. Anyone looking for a fun Christmas gift? Give me an email!

Now that Pip's back in therapy, his PT has been working with him on strength and flexibility. He's been riding a new kind of bike. It looks something like this:

To be honest, when I first saw him pedaling down the hallway in the adaptive trike, I expected him to be mad. There were other kids around, and he gets a little bent out of shape these days if he thinks that he looks different, babyish or weird in any way. And it LOOKS like a tricycle. Well, it IS a tricycle. And he's twelve. But no. He wasn't upset. He was THRILLED! He could DO this. His legs were in just the right angle to be able to pedal fast! The therapist had taken him out for a spin on the trike and he enjoyed the feeling of the wind on his face and moving along on his own. He loved it so much that we REALLY hoped to get him something similar for Christmas this year.

Only, those adaptive bikes are EXPENSIVE! Costly! Not cheap at all. As in...well over a thousand dollars and probably more. Not to mention they have to be fitted by a therapist and ordered and such. And truthfully, he doesn't really need all the straps and velcro and special pedals and that sort of thing. He just needs some sort of extra wide base to keep him from falling over.

But then I found THIS:

It's a conversion kit for a regular kid's bike! Isn't that the coolest thing ever?? A plain, ordinary boy's bicycle...made into something that he can ride...and still looks pretty awesome.

I want one of these kits!! I want my Pip to have a converted bike this Christmas. Think Santa will listen?


AZ Chapman said...

I have a recombint it is fast

Tammy said...

Awesome.....I pray Santa will listen!!

Michelle said...

i feel pretty sure santa will listen!!! i can put in a call myself if you want.

btw, still waiting on lucy pics & front door poll! LOL