Friday, September 11, 2009

When laughter causes you to NEED medicine.

Before I had surgery last month to remove all of my internal female organs, I read up on the procedure and all that was supposed to happen in the aftermath. Big mistake. If you ever find yourself scheduled for a total hysterectomy, I strongly suggest that you DO NOT go to the internet looking for reassurance. Not unless you LIKE the feeling of being completely freaked out by strangers! Just saying.

Anyway, among the vast quantities of information, both true and untrue that I read, it was mentioned somewhere that during recovery it would be painful to cough, sneeze, laugh, pass gas or umm...go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, that information turned out to be dead-on accurate. All of it hurts after surgery. For about two weeks. And then it STOPS hurting except when I LAUGH! Laughing is painful because, well, your belly muscles all contract and move and strain and there are five holes in your stomach plus things healing on the get the idea? Ouch. Not good.

I'm happy to report that it's getting better. Or else I'm getting used to it. I can't decide which. It doesn't matter anyway...I can't just NOT laugh. Not as long as I have to live here amongst the crazy people. People who try to cut the extra flap of neck-skin off a chicken carcass, but end up cutting too much so that the chicken looks it's been prepped for a colonoscopy!

Or when they create Lego scenes where Stormtroopers unclog toilets with their light sabers.

Or, when they dress like they're headed to audition for the part of Head Munchkin in the Wizard of Oz wearing what looks like a red mushroom on their head. Or perhaps she was going for that Eraser Head look?? Planning to be a Pencil for Halloween?

I'll live through it. I hope. Either that or my stomach will explode.


a Tonggu Momma said...

How do you NOT laugh with those children of yours????

Hezra said...

ha ha ha. . . yes, just request ore pain meds my friend and somewhere there is a scripture "laughter does good like a medicine. MAYBE you are healing while that hurts a little.(ok a LOT!) I laugh around here for very similar things. lol the lego thing.. . I recently unloaded my camera and had 200 pics of lego creations. They were creating a "film" moving each piece atiny bit. So when you put it all together in fast slide show it looked like a movie. kind of cool I have to say. lol