Saturday, September 19, 2009

When good students go bad.

What does a homeschooling mom do when her students are unruly?
She calls the principal, of course.
And whoa to the 12 year old boy whose DAD
has to be interrupted a work with a discipline issue.
Last week my twins thought something was pretty funny.
(I still don't know exactly what it was that was so hilarious, but it's probably best that way.)
They were giggling and laughing and snorting and cutting up while I was doing my best to relate valuable, rewarding bits of ancient history information to them. Information which they were supposed to be diligently entering into their notebooks.
Only they weren't.
They were giggling, laughing, snorting and cutting up.
After many attempts to get their behavior under control my self, I finally resorted to the dreaded "call to the principal.
He got them sorted out in NO TIME.
He made them pull weeds during their lunch/recess break.
Poor little things!

Well, the yard really needed it and the boys...
they haven't given me a moment's trouble since!


a Tonggu Momma said...

THAT. Is. Creative. Filing away for future use.

lonestar said...

LOL, sounds like my dh :). A couple of weeks ago our twins used some less-than-appropriate language (after we'd explained that those words are not ok) so he put them to work in the yard pulling weeds. Haven't heard any *language* from them since. :)