Friday, September 4, 2009

Three Truths and a Lie.

Know how to play this game?

I'll tell you three things that may or may not have actually happened this week.

You guess which one is false.

Leave your answer in the comments.

My SISTER cannot play...and neither can Darling Daughter....they already know what my family has been up to! Well, OK, they can play, but I'm not posting their answers until someone else guesses.

  1. Darling Daughter got smacked in the face while sparring with a grown man during Jiu Jitsu and now has a sore nose and a bruised lip. She still looks lovely, though!
  2. My almost 20 yr old son and his buddies, while chasing and shooting each other with air rifles, busted a sprinkler head on the fire department ceiling and flooded the sleeping quarters. It took them all night to clean up the mess! They now have to buy new mattresses for three of the beds.
  3. The Hubby has gone on a fad diet eating nothing but soup for a week...instead of losing weight he's GAINED 4 pounds!
  4. Having studied creation and the history of the world for weeks now, Quatro bombed out on the unit test when he answered that Mesopotamia was located in what is now known as California!


Hezra said...

I am guessing the first one did not happen. But all the others did? lol sadly any of them could be believable here. lol

Chelsea Gour said...

Okay, everything you said IS possible. I know it is! So, I'm going to guess here that surely Quatro did not bomb his test by saying that Mesopotamia was located in what is now known as California! Surely, he didn't!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm guessing the husband did not GAIN 4 pounds... because men always seem to lose weight when they start thinking about wanting to. It's so unfair!