Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This post brought to you by: The Pip Squeak
"Walking into the lunchroom, I was overwhelmed by a detestable, gross-out smell that made me want to fall over dead. Luckily, my friend caught me just in time as I began to faint. The room reeked with a horrible distasteful odor...lunch! I approached the counter with a sense of dread. Then I saw where the stench was coming from. It was the moldy, green and slimy sandwiches being served by the lunch lady. They looked so putrid and unappealing, they made Dad's underwear seem appetizing. So that means they were pretty gross sandwiches!
I would tell you more, but the lunch lady is headed my way! She wants to serve me her horrible food. After I eat it, I won't be able to describe it any more because I'm sure I will be out cold! Here she comes!!"
This morning's journal entry. He's getting pretty comfortable with the dictionary and thesaurus these days. But I'm wondering...who's food is so disgusting? Is he talking about last year's lunchroom fare? Or his mom's home cooked meals????

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a Tonggu Momma said...

Umm... I'm still stuck on the sentence about his dad's underwear. You don't have a laundry problem, TOO, do you? (I mean, like SOME people we know.)