Monday, September 21, 2009

The Quadruplet Experience

This weekend the Source household had the opportunity to experience life with quadruplets.
Only not really.
But sort of.
Anyway, my friend Chelsea, from the Gour Family Adoption blog loaned us her pair of twelve year old twin boys on Saturday. You know, to hang out with my pair of twelve year old twin boys. And was had by all.
The end.
Not really. I mean, yes, really they all had fun. But that's not really ALL. It was a learning experience. I learned to be grateful! Very, very grateful.
  1. I'm grateful that I don't have to feed four growing adolescents on a daily basis because boy can those four put away some groceries!
  2. I'm grateful that my kids have some terrific friends, although I wish they lived a little closer. The four of them got along like peas and carrots. We don't do all that well with having just ONE friend over, since someone always gets left out, and it's usually the non-twin kid. Twins have their own dynamics going on and a lot of single kids don't know how to deal with it. Having another set of twins for buddies is the perfect solution. Because twins know what it's like to hang out with twins. Because, you know, they're twins. Understand?? No? Well it's true. And the funniest part? The "older" twins and "younger" twins of each set paired off. Which brings me to the next thing I'm grateful for...
  3. I'm grateful for kids with a sense of humor that do not seek revenge.
  4. I'm grateful for washable markers.
  5. I'm grateful that they didn't find the Sharpies!
  6. I'm grateful that I only have ONE devious little prankster in the family. Oh...did I forget to mention that the four boys stayed up most of the night? Of course they did. And the younger two boys? My Pip Squeak and her Noah? Well, they waited on the older two to fall asleep. They snuck into the kitchen. They absconded with a blue marker. And they drew on their brothers' faces.
  7. I'm grateful that Darling Daughter woke up and caught them while they were trying to color HER face. Because I wouldn't have wanted to clean blood and guts out of her carpet when she finished with them if they had succeeded.
  8. I'm grateful for children (or little men) who love God and sit quietly through Church, paying attention to the preacher and behaving themselves. OK, so it's possible they were bored to tears, since Darling Daughter reports that our Church services are not as much fun as what they're used to...
  9. I'm grateful that Chelsea's twins are what we used to call well-brought-up. They put their dishes, minded their manners, got up and dressed and ready the next morning...whew. Very pleasant to have 12 yr olds over that didn't cuss, back-talk, act out or behaved rudely. Good kids are hard to come by these days and she needs a pat on the back!
  10. I'm grateful that Chelsea let us have her boys for the night! Especially knowing that Darling Daughter was driving us all home. We really enjoyed having them over. Come back soon!!


Tammy said...

Sounds like a blast and a zoo all at the same time! :-) Oh, and the markers on the face got me!

Party on!

Hezra said...

Ha ha ha, you always crack me up. YES! Good thing they did not get the sharpie. Church could have been WAY more interesting. lol AND that D.D. woke up so she would not spend her day repenting for murder. All very good things to be grateful for. lol and good friends. Well, those are awfully hard to come by. When you find them, you hold on!(well, I mean that figuratively, you do have to let them go back home)