Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Dingbat Diaries, Boy Version, vol.4

Last night Darling Daughter was annoying her littlest brother. Oh, yes, it's true. Like any other 16 year old girl she certainly does enjoy making her brothers squirm from time to time. She especially loves to grab the Pip Squeak and try to kiss his cheeks while talking to him like he's a baby. Very, very aggravating for a 12 year old. Boys that age typically don't like sisters hugging on them and trying to smooch their cheeks. Surprise!
So, she was remarking about what a sweet wittle Pip Squeak he was...she was really getting him riled up...and he told her NOT to call him that...it's only OK for Mom to call him that and only at home! Never in public. Not ever!
Because if she DID call him Pip Squeak in public, he said:
"NEXT time you have a Sweet 16 party I will tell all your friends YOUR stupid nickname!!"
Alrighty then.
Go right ahead, Pip. The next time she turns 16, you just let her have it!
Needless to say, the brother-sister battle was over as they both dissolved into laughter.

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a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm so out of it, I didn't get that at first. And now I'm wondering if I should admit to that. Heh.