Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Look over there...
To the right...
Only two more weeks!
I can't wait!
Woo hoo!
And now, on to other important news.
The correct answer to Three Truths and a Lie was:
The Hubby did indeed eat some nasty soup for 6 days. However, he didn't gain any weight.
He actually lost something like 13 pounds.
Then again, men can think about losing weight for 30 seconds and it drops off into the floor.
The weight, that is.
Which means that Darling Daughter DID get bashed in the face. (She's fine.)
The Oldest DID set the sprinkler system off at the fire dept. (I KNOW! There's no explaining the idiot behavior of a 19 yr old guy.)
And unfortunately, Quatro DID answer that Mesopotamia was in the land currently known as California. Uh huh. He did. He knew the right answer, but he's one of those people who rushes through tests and just marks stuff. I told him twice to double-check his answers and he informed me that he didn't need to.
Ha! When will he learn to listen to his mother??
Yes, I did mark it wrong. Because I'm the teacher, that's why.
Come back tomorrow for Prayer Meetin' if you want to see some serious cuteness and something to praise the Lord about!

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Chelsea Gour said...

Darn that man! You crack me up though. And what's this about that book? I've never heard of it before.