Sunday, September 6, 2009


Sunday morning.
2:05 AM.
The family?
Snoring in their beds...minus Oldest who's spending the night at the fire department with other firefighters and a few policemen.
The demon dog?
In her kennel in the laundry room, also snoozing.
Suddenly...the burglar alarm begins shrieking! Not the beeping sounds that warn you to turn it off upon arriving home. No. This is the instant panic-inducing noise that blasts you from your peaceful dreams and hurls you into FEAR!
Someone must be in the house!
And the dog...the one who erupts into a barking frenzy when a mouse burps in the next county...she's not making ANY noise.
The dog is obviously dead! Some crazed fiend has probably smashed in her head and that's why she's not yapping!
The phone rings as the Hubby goes to the keypad to reset the alarm. It's the monitoring company calling to check on us. But they HANG UP as I say "Hello" and the phone goes dead. The keypad says that the sensor on a window in Oldest's room has been tampered with. It's downstairs. Where the probably-dead dog is. We're upstairs.
I grab the cell phone as Hubby grabs his 12 gauge...I call the Oldest to make sure he hasn't come home and set the alarm off accidentally. Nope, he's still at the station. He calls dispatch from the department, and they say that the call was canceled by our alarm company.
WHAT?? They never spoke to us. They HUNG UP! They don't know there's trouble!!
He asks them to send an officer to check things out.
Oh...the other kids?? They've been whipped into a frenzy by their mom who's freaking out that there might be some lunatic, dog-killing crack-head in our son's room. They're all hiding under the covers in Darling Daughter's room.
The police arrive. The stupid, lazy, good-for-nothing dog starts barking her fool head off the minute the cruiser pulls into the driveway! Thanks, Lucy!
There's no one lurking in the house.
Everything's fine.
Hubby thanks the police and walks them to their car.
I send the hyperventilating children back to bed.
So what set off the alarm??
The gun rack fell off of the Oldest's bedroom wall and the glass-break sensor picked it up.
All that terror for nothing...thank goodness...except...
The alarm company will be getting a phone call first thing Tuesday morning. Why in the world would they cancel the police when they had NOT spoken to any of us to make sure we were OK?
Doesn't make me feel very confident when leaving my teens and 12 yr olds at home with the alarm set. What's the point? And the darn dog?? What good is she? Sleeping right through a false alarm and non-existent murderer?? Ugh!

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