Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wednesday Prayer Meetin'

I have a big happy smile for you today!
Well, I'm not the one doing the smiling. I mean, I'm probably not smiling right about the time you're actually sitting down reading this because I am in the middle of teaching two 6th graders and running to the bathroom every few minutes because I have to do this 24 hour colon-clean-out-nothing-but-clear-liquids thing today in preparation for tomorrow's hysterectomy. The fun never stops around here, I'm telling you. I have this theory that my doctor is trying to make me as weak, hungry and tired as possible so they can use less anesthesia because of budget cuts. Well, you never know.
However...I very well could be smiling...it might be funny to try to teach school from the toilet. The twins are sure to think so.
Still...this is better:

Look who's sitting up now...and having a blast in the bath tub!

(He wasn't allowed to be IN the water as long as he had the feeding tube.)

Landen's mommy reports that he has learned to crawl, AND he's drinking from his bottle now without aspirating. It just keeps getting better and better. God is so good.
Would you please say a prayer for his brother, Seth, today. The state is still reviewing their decision over whether or not they will pay for his SDR surgery in St. Louis. In the meantime, Seth really needs to have another set of Botox injections because without them his muscles become to tight to function. And it can be painful. But he can't have injections within three months before his surgery. And it's time NOW for the next injections...so you can see...if he has them now and the state says to go ahead with the surgery, he would have to wait. If he doesn't have the shots and then the state makes him wait longer for surgery...not good. Pray for his parents to know the decisions to make that will be best for Seth's comfort and for his surgery to be approved right away!
And then...would you say a prayer for me and my family? My mom is going first in the morning...having a female surgery herself, although not the same one I am. And then as soon as she's finished, it's my turn. I'm at peace with the fact that I'm going to have everything removed, but I won't lie and say that I'm looking forward to IV's, cold scary operating rooms and a catheter in my bladder afterward. And I would very much like to be completely knocked out this time before the nurse starts strapping my arms to the table. That freaks me out!!
And pray for my kids not to worry about their mom.
I'll be back!

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a Tonggu Momma said...

So, so happy to see little Landen doing so well. As for us... prayers for the husband, who is just struggling a lot right now, about a lot of things. And praise that I don't have cancer! Woo-hoo!!!!!!