Friday, August 28, 2009

A survey...

I hope you'll leave a comment with your opinion on this.

Suppose that you're a high school junior taking a load of rigorous courses. Suppose that you and your classmates had spent days studying for your first big test. Suppose that the instructor informed everyone before hand that they shouldn't expect to make a 100 % on this test because it's college level material and the class is not used to this kind of exam yet.

Now suppose that you're at lunch on the day of the test and your best friend (who's also number 2 in the class rank) has copies of LAST year's tests from the same course and is studying from them. When you arrive in class and sit down, the teacher passes out the SAME test. Your friend makes an excellent grade, because she had all the answers. The rest of you have to take what you earned.

Is this cheating??

I have had opinions both ways from family members. Some say that if the teacher doesn't collect the previous tests than that means they don't care if the students share them with upcoming classes. So technically, my Oldest could have worked his behind off to pass this class and my daughter would be within her rights to mooch off his work and make good grades?? I don't agree.

I think that using someone else's tests to study is cheating. The other kids in the class don't have the advantage of having copies of the test at their disposal.

What do you think?


Chelsea Gour said...

I agree with you. I don't think the teacher intended for this year's students to have copies of that test. If he did, then he would have handed them out for studying purposes. I think it is unfair for her to do this and I think that someone should make this instructor aware that someone is circulating his old tests and ask how he feels about that. If he doesn't have a problem with it, then Heather should ask for copies from him, so she can better study for the tests. If he has a problem with it, then he needs to make new ones and not allow them to be taken out of class anymore! If it were me, I would speak to the teacher without naming the child this time.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Totally cheating, due to teacher naivete and/ or overwork or plain ole laziness.

And I just read Chelsea's comment. Yeah - what she said.

The Momster said...

I had a professor define cheating as to include getting copies of past tests and studying the information contained in/on them. So technically that's cheating.

Don't you hate people who try to smudge the lines between right and wrong?

Kiy said...

Oh yes, yes it is. And, the child doing it ... knows it is. Yes the teacher should collect the tests, but the child(ren) also know right from wrong. I notice your daughter didn't ask her friend if she could also take a look at the old test. One of those girls knew right from wrong, and was raised right.

Kiy said...

P.S. I too just read Cheasea's response, yep yep, agree 100%. In fact, I find it interesting that the folks (so far) who have commented agree that this is cheating. I would love to hear the teacher's take on this. I agree with telling the teacher, just an informational conversation, not telling which child.