Sunday, August 2, 2009

Such a fun day!

I hope someone from church took pictures and will be posting them to facebook ASAP because MY camera died within the first 30 seconds.

We had Family Fun Day at church to celebrate the end of a fabulous week at Vacation Bible School yesterday. This means 20 foot waterslides, dunking booths, hot dogs, sno-cones, a fire truck to hose off the kids, and lots and lots of fun!

As always, the kids brought their change as offering each night, and it was collected in two large buckets...a red one for the girls and a blue one for the boys. At the end of the week the buckets are weighed. The heaviest bucket wins! Naturally, the weighing ceremony is the highlight of VBS! Almost every year the girls pull it off at the last minute, and the preacher ends up having to do something really funny. This year the deal was that if the girls won, the preacher had to wear a pink dress and straw hat and come down the humongous waterslide! Well...Friday night several little boys were caught sneaking money FROM THEIR BUCKET and putting it into the girls! They really wanted to see the preacher in a dress! It's not quite as much fun watching the secretary put on a tacky blue suit and tie.

The boys won, but the preacher couldn't let the kids down. He did it anyway! If I can get pictures I will post them because it was hilarious!

The best part is that all of the money the kids raised goes straight to Zimbabwe with our resident missionary. Over the past few years the VBS offering at our church, from little children raiding their family's pockets and couches, has been used to start 12 AWANA clubs. Last year, the families in the village of Hwange (where our missionary teaches) were starving under terrible conditions. Our kids were able to send literally tons of food over there through their offerings.

Anyone can make a difference in this world! Even a little kid with pennies!

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a Tonggu Momma said...

How wonderful - can't wait to see the photos! Tonggu Grammy is in charge of the missions drive at her school every year. Pennies COUNT!