Monday, August 17, 2009

A review of sorts.

Pip Squeak is the only kid in my family who hates math.
His brothers and sister are all VERY good at math.
Pip finds it very boring, difficult to understand, and he doesn't make very good grades in that subject at all. Ever.
Usually, during the school year, he works really hard for hours each night at his homework and struggles to bring home a very low C on his report cards.
Getting him to DO his math homework was like pulling out his teeth without Novacaine.
But, look!

What is this?
He's DOING his math!
He's working hard!
No whining, complaining and guess what??
He will work through more than one lesson at a time!
Some days he completes three or four.
He will willingly do math for over an hour some days!
And he understands it!

He's making A's & B's!
He's gaining confidence in his ability to figure it out.
Thank you, Teaching Textbooks!!
Their Math 6 has been a blessing! It isn't the most difficult math program out there, but it isn't tedious. It's not boring. It's explained in terms that he can grasp. He gets to try the problems more than once and is shown the correct way to work them if he doesn't get them right.
And it grades his work for me!
I had a friend (a middle school GT teacher who taught my older two) come over and look at it with me,
and it meets all our state standards for 6th grade. So it looks like we're on track for a good year in math! We already bought the 7th grade cds for his brother, who moves a little faster in math. We'll let each twin move along at his own pace.
Check out the Teaching Textbooks website if you're interested.
And no, this isn't an advertisement. I'm a mom who's happy with her purchase and I wanted to let other moms with math-haters know about it.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Very helpful... thank you. And my sister's boys are starting public school this week. This is the first time either of them have ever been in school beyond a weekly co-op class with ten children.

Anonymous said...

If you're up a blogging this morning, you must be feeling a little better. Hope so...MOM

Hezra said...

thanks!! I am checking that. I have a couple of pips here. lol

Jo said...

Kory struggles with math and we spend many hours with her on it. She gets so frustrated with it and i run out of ideas to teach her. Gonna check out your suggestion. thanks.

Hezra said...

Hey! I checked into this thank you!! You may just be an answer to prayer!!Thank you so much for sharing.