Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Powerless...with laughter

We spent about an hour and a half without electricity tonight, and since we don't have grandparents right across the street (Chelsea) we had to make do and find ways to entertain ourselves for a while.

Luckily, the twins had already sold us our tickets to their puppet show in Pip Squeak's room! And well...lights or no...the show must go on! Since I bought my ticket first, I got the best seat! (Pip's school desk.) The Hubby had to sit on a step-stool and Darling Daughter got stuck with the exercise bike.)

Wait, yes, go back and read that again. We had to BUY our tickets to the puppet show put on by our twins in our own house. Yeah. Twenty-five cents, though, quite a bargain in this economy. Where else can you get that kind of a deal?

So anyway...puppet show. No electricity. Dark outside. I had the best seat, which meant I also had to hold the spot light (aka flash light) for the duration of the show.

And there were commercials, too!! During one break we were treated to a public service announcement about eating your vegetables. The stuffed red and gold Beanie Baby eagle informed the stuffed tan and white puppy that veggies are very important and also good for your colon health. Unfortunately, the puppy related the fact that he NEVER ate his vegetables, only dog food and so he had to have his colon removed years ago. Poor little dog. It was very sad. I'll certainly make sure I eat my veggies from now on!

What was the puppet show about, you ask?? Well, I'm not sure, really. It consisted of a dolphin that mooed, a shark that liked to make silly faces, an eagle that pecked at them every time they surfaced, and an extra large dog with a huge head and no tail named Otis. Oh, and a lot of giggling.

My kids keep it interesting!

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