Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Boys!

It's my twins' 12th birthday today!
Updated photo to come as soon as their mother is home from the hospital and they get to have an actual birthday cake and presents! In the meantime, please enjoy LAST year's photo!
And when I return, we can compare the pics and see how much they've grown. Or not.

Or...I know...we could look at a photo from last year featuring Quatro standing beside Darling Daughter...and then...see how much taller HE got over the past 365 days and she didn't!!
That would be fun!
Happy birthday, Quatro & Pip.
I love you both so much!
Now stop growing up already!


Chelsea Gour said...

Happy Birthday you sweet boys!

AZ Chapman said...

happy b day boys

Kiy said...

Happy Birthday ... what cuties (not that that's something they want to hear, lol).



a Tonggu Momma said...

Happy, happy birthday!!!!!

Tammy said...

Happy belated birthday to your boys!!