Monday, August 24, 2009

Going under the knife...

I want to make it clear that in posting about my recent surgery I am in no way recommending or advocating that any of my dear friends or readers out there in blog world go have any or all of your female parts removed. Trust me, my doctor and I exhausted every option over the past several years including but not limited to medications, hormones, homeopathic remedies, painful injections, laser surgery, etc. and it turns out my ovaries and I weren't meant to be together until death do us part. Ditto with the rest of the stuff in there. And I for one am quite happy to be parted from it all forever at the age of 38 and a half. I think. So far. Well, we were definitely done having kids anyway.

I'll let you know how I feel about hormone-replacement and life-after-uterus as soon as I have experienced enough of it to tell you something.

But. I do want to say that IF you have reached that point in life yourself where you and your doctor have decided that you NEED to have anything in the lower pelvic region removed your homework! Make sure you find a doctor that has access to THIS fabulous little piece of technology. Because the da Vinci robot?? So worth it.

Lucky for me, my doctor has been trained to use the da Vinci robot, so we made the decision that I should be one of his first patients to undergo hysterectomy using the hospital's new robot. What's the difference in using the robot and doing things the traditional way? Well...if you have it done the old fashioned way, with an incision across your belly, you're looking at something like 6 weeks or so to recover. No thanks. If you have the regular laparoscopic surgery, the instruments are rigid and they have to blow you full of gas and move your muscles around more. It supposedly takes about 2-4 weeks to get over this.

But with the new and improved robot system? The instruments are able to make very tiny movements and articulate more like a human hand. So they don't have to move things around so much. Plus, you get to sport five inch-long holes in your stomach rather than a large incision. AND the BEST part? Your doctor sits over at the controls and works on you like he's playing a video game.


That's what I thought, too.

It does make for a much shorter recovery period, though. I felt almost human again within 7 days. And completely normal (except, you know, for the holes in my stomach) after 10. Seriously, I have been up and mostly pain-free for a few days now going about my usual routine. Can't lift anything over 10 pounds for a few more weeks, but that's ok. That just means my teenagers will have to keep doing the laundry for a while.

Coming next...a lesson on protecting your valuables while you're dead to the world on Demerol!


a Tonggu Momma said...

I hope you are healing well and rapidly. I remember how long it took my momma to recover, but the da vinci sounds wonderful. Thinking of you... praying for you.

Kiy said...

I begged my doctor to do this. He refused (got a new doctor). I am glad now as, he never told me there were three choices of the procedure just that there would be at least six weeks of downtime. Now that we are moving to your neck of the woods, I can see doctors out there have more of the latest and greatest. I may still end up deciding not to have this done (at the time I felt I needed to, since then, not so much ... another conversation for another day). But I feel even better about our decision to move, better health care!

Glad you are feeling better, and heck, you should milk that laundry thing for years! :)