Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Did you know?

Did you know that by holding an envelope containing a birthday card up to a window in bright sunlight, you can tell if there's money inside?

You certainly can!

Did you know that twelve year old boys don't particularly CARE if their mom forgot to pick up a gift bag that their new Legos would fit in and so she stashed the box in a bag from a furniture store and stapled it shut instead??

Yeah, you could wrap it in toilet paper, boys really don't care.

Did you know that you can REALLY have fun torturing twin twelve year olds by telling them that they are each ONLY allowed to blow out the candle which represents their particular birth order...or else their wish won't come true!!??!!

They did it.

Did you know that those two faces didn't change an awful lot between turning eleven and turning twelve? But the kids? A LOT of change!
More hair, no braces, new glasses, more muscle and height, more confidence and no school!
More sense of responsibility and family. They took care of me last week!
GIRLS are emailing!
Hormones are around the corner!

Did you know they'll be teenagers in 354 days??

I'm so proud of these two young men!

And I wish so hard that they would SLOW DOWN a little bit!


Tammy said...

What a couple of cuties. Oh how I dread the teen years. I've got a couple years left.

The Momster said...

They are just TWO ( ha ha ) cute!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Teenagers - in reality - in 350-some days. But teenagers in attitude? That could come AT ANY MOMENT. Heh.

lonestar said...

I love that last picture :). Hope they had a great birthday!