Thursday, August 13, 2009

And another late photo

The First Day of 6th Grade!
At home.
And not really.
Because they wore pajamas the first day and I forgot to take a picture, so we did it the second day instead. I think. Or maybe the third. I can't really remember now. Also, one of them is working on 7th grade math and the other is moving along more quickly in Language Arts. But technically they're still in 6th. Whatever. Anyway.
Here are my rotten twins on one of the days of their first week of homeschool this year.
Why yes, that is a refrigerator in the FOYER behind them. Why do you ask? We just got a "new" one and that's where the hubby and Oldest decided to leave the "old" one until his sister could come and get it. It makes a nice conversation piece, don't you think?? Just be careful not to bang into it as you walk in our front door.

Now I suppose I'll be taking a photo of their sister, the only child attending a public school this year, all by herself on Monday morning when she gets ready to leave.
And then one of their older brother a few days later when he goes to college.
Or not.
Don't they look sweet? Aren't they adorable?? They're going to be 12 years old tomorrow!
Can you believe that? Because I can't.


a Tonggu Momma said...

My sister is sending her boys to public school for the first time this year. Yes, it's a new development. The oldest starts seventh grade... he's never been to school before. I'm thinking that photo by the refrigerator is sounding pretty good to him right about now.

Chelsea Gour said...

Very handsome!