Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wednesday Prayer Meetin'

"...if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you."

Matthew 17: 20

Scootin' For Seth was a huge success last Saturday! People showed up before it officially started, helping out, buying things, signing up for the motorcycle ride and buying more raffle tickets. The folks in our community were generous beyond belief. One man drove up pulling a large trailer behind his truck, loaded down with watermelons. He stopped when he saw the signs and decided to donate 50 watermelons for Seth to sell. The Lord does amazing things, and the money was raised so that Seth's family could travel to St. Louis for his surgery...an answer to prayers!

But the devil always tries to drag us down and throw a wrench into things...mostly so we'll get all bogged down in the details and forget that God's still working! This week, while we've been so happy over the fundraiser, South Carolina Medicaid (which Seth has because of his disability) has been busy deciding that Seth doesn't NEED a specialist to perform his operation. They told his mother that they don't have any more funds to send a child out of state for any procedures this year. They turned him down and refused to pay for his sugery. St. Louis will still take him...if his parents want to write a check for $40,000.

But we know, with God all things are possible! So...would you please pray that the appeal to SC Medicaid will go through and that the state will allow Seth to have his surgery performed by the BEST doctor in the field? Believe it or not, these officials do change their minds. It seems like they always say no first, but eventually they approve. In fact, there were two little boys AT the fundraiser who had the exact same surgery in St. Louis, and it was paid in full...because we don't have a specialist here to do it anymore.

Maybe you could also pray that if SC doesn't approve the surgery out of state, that funds will be made available anyway...somehow. God will make a way. This sweet little guy deserves the best...and the chance to walk!
Also, while your praying, I would like to ask you to remember a friend of mine. She is having some tests run on the 29th of this month and hoping for good results. I promised not to mention any names, but, well, God knows who she is, and He will watch over her. Would you pray for good results?
Oh, and umm...Darling Daughter is in Charleston this week. She's hanging out with the
Gour Family, eating weird stuff like organic mustard (??!!) and laying around on the beach playing with Claire, hanging out with Brianna, Isabel and their set of twins, and watching the Duggars with Chelsea...while her mom stays home with nothing but two 11 yr olds for company. Yeah. My only girl is gone! Except for Lucy. I'm entertaining myself by washing all the sheets and stuff. Pray for her safe return this weekend. And that they all have a total blast while they're together, of course. I miss you, DD!!
What's up with you this week? How can we pray for you?

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