Monday, July 13, 2009

Wednesday Prayer Meetin'

A little early and for a very special reason...
The little toe-muncher up there...

our sweet little angel-face Landen will be undergoing a risky surgery on his stomach this morning at 6:30 AM. Please remember him during your prayers. Pray for guidance and wisdom for his surgeons who treat tiny children every day, but never a case like his. Pray for peace for his mommy (my friend Sherry) and his daddy too. Pray for Landen to be strong and heal quickly and pray for this to be the ONLY time his mom has to hand him over not knowing how things will turn out.
I'm on vacation with family...six teenagers, two 11 year olds and the grandparents. Darling Daughter and I got all our hugs and smooches out of Landen on Thursday evening before his family left town for the weekend. The hubby offered to take us back to be with Landen's family, but I'm fairly certain my mom would choke me if I left her down here with all these kids. Thank goodness for cell phones!
I will update as soon as we hear how things went. Sherry promised to keep us posted as the doctors call out to the waiting room. DD and I will be holding the phone, waiting on it to ring. And probably crying.
Also...another dear friend is having some tests run today and needs our prayers. Not giving out her name or details as she has asked me not to, but she knows who she is and we're praying hard that everything is absolutely fine!

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