Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Prayer Meetin'

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.~Proverbs 3:5-6

This charming little man with the Mohawk hairdo is Seth!

Seth is Landen's four year old big brother. ( I know...the cuteness factor is off the charts at their house. I don't know how their parents can stand it! Their six year old brother Ethan is a charmer, too. If I was a better photographer and you could see the eyelashes on these kids, you wouldn't even believe it!)

Seth has Cerebral Palsy (like my Pip Squeak) and has been getting physical therapy and other forms of treatment to help him learn to use his muscles. Seth has a form of CP known as Spastic Diplegia which basically means that his brains sends an overload of signals through his nerves down to his leg muscles, making them overreact. This means that Seth's legs are much tighter than most four year old boys and the tightness makes getting around extremely difficult. At this point, Seth can crawl around a little, but is unable to walk, stand or sit on his bottom to play.

However, there is a surgery that can change all that.

Seth has been evaluated by specialists at St. Louis Children's Hospital for a surgery called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy. The surgery involves cutting some of the nerve rootlets in the spinal cord that give too strong a signal, and recovery includes intensive physical therapy...four to six days a week to begin with. The results can be absolutely amazing!

This procedure is the same one that Pip Squeak had at four years old. This is the surgery that allowed him to progress from sitting in a wheelchair to using a walker to walking independently...and running, swimming, playing basketball and fighting in Jiu Jitsu like any other kid. Pip still has a slight limp, but the difference that this procedure made in his life was nothing short of a miracle. Before surgery, he was unable to sit unassisted and play with other kids. His legs were too tight for him to learn to dress himself because he couldn't bend enough to reach his knees...much less his feet. He had minimal use of his right arm and his stomach muscles were too weak to hold him up. Fast forward to age 11 and this kid has the abs of a professional football player and his arms? Guns of steel! He can do anything any other middle schooler can do...except ride a bike...not enough balance for that, but that's a drop in the bucket compared to all that he CAN do!

We were very blessed that a neurosurgeon here at our local Children's Medical Center was able to perform Pip's surgery almost 8 years ago. She's no longer here, though, so in order to get this life-changing operation, Seth and his family will have to travel to St. Louis and stay there through the first few weeks of his recovery. The surgeon in St. Louis has perfected this procedure and does SDR on many, many kids each year. He's exactly what Seth needs!

Our community is holding a fundraiser on July 25 that involves a motorcycle ride/scavenger hunt as well as bake sale, yard sale, entertainment, lunch, blow-up bouncy things for the kids, a raffle, and too many other things to list! If you live around here (and you know if you do) then PLEASE stop by the Belvedere Fire Department on July 25 and show your support for this darling little guy! If you want some raffle tickets ($1 each) give me a yell on facebook and I'll bring them to you! If you don't live here...would you please pray that the fundraiser and the surgery will go well for Seth? He deserves a chance to be able to get off the sidelines and play hard with all the other little boys!

And now...on to Landen. There's really no update on his status yet since his family is just waiting and praying for his surgery on July 13. In the meantime, how about a photo of Landen enjoying his toes? For some reason he likes to look at me upside down...maybe I look better that way? So here he is backwards in my lap as Darling Daughter holds him and he munches on his feet.

And here's Darling Daughter hogging the baby again while we attended a meeting about Seth's fundraiser. He really wanted ME to hold him, you can see it in his eyes. But my daughter is a baby thief and she snatches him up as soon as she sees him. I guess that's OK cause she's got way more energy than I do and that baby boy likes to bounce and wiggle!

Please continue to keep Landen and the rest of his family in your prayers. As the date of surgery approaches, they are understandable anxious. Please pray for peace.

If you want to share Landen's story, you can copy his button and add it to your page.

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a Tonggu Momma said...

I'll keep praying for this family, for sure. And my prayer request is the same one I e-mailed you about. The appt. is on the 14th.