Sunday, July 26, 2009

In Hiding

We're pretty lucky in the neighbor department around here. There are no all night parties. There's usually not a lot of unnecessary noise. No one weed-eats their yard at 6am on Sunday mornings. No one complains when my 19 year old barrels down our driveway at 2am with his radio turned up loud enough to wake the dead! Well..except me! Other than the occasional four-wheeler or someone having a new roof put on, it's pretty quiet around here.
Except for right in our own back yard.
That's because we're the proud owners of Lucy the Neighborhood Watch Dog.
On an average day, Lucy yaps around 737 times a minute. She alerts every homeowner within a 3 mile radius to the presence of each bird, stray cat, rabbit, lady bug, blowing leaf and butterfly that happens to cross her field of vision throughout the day. And heaven help us if a HUMAN BEING walks by!
I'm used to it. I sort of tone it out these days. (And stuff a sock in her mouth at night.)
I'm kidding! She sleeps in the house and she's quiet.
Yesterday, however, we sat down to lunch and noticed a dead silence. Not a PEEP from the yard. Lucy the Loudmouth had nothing to say! In fact, there weren't even any birds flitting around! They're normally taking a drink from our pool and chirping like crazy in the middle of the day. What could be causing this strange soundlessness??
One of these scary-looking suckers was perched on the fence scoping out an afternoon treat.
Lucy was hiding on the deck underneath the grill...cowering VERY quietly.
Hello...if YOU weighed 8 pounds and had tiny little teeth, you'd be hiding from a hawk, too! Those things EAT animals her size. Carry them off to their nests and share them with their babies. Did you check out the beak?? And the claws?? Well, I know, you can't see the claws, but trust me when I tell you that bird probably sharpens them daily. It had a wing span of at least 3 feet! Heck, I didn't want to be in the back yard with it and I weigh a LOT more than 8 pounds! That's NOT a picture of the one on our fence because...the Hubby opened the bedroom window to snap a photo and it flew off.
There was much rejoicing! The birds went back to their pool party, and Lucy resumed her daily report. With a watchful eye toward the sky! Hopefully the hawk decided our neighborhood doesn't have any good snack food to offer, and it found someplace else to hunt!


a Tonggu Momma said...

A friend recently dragged me to the movie "The Proposal." And there was quite the interesting scene involving a hawk and a dog. Lucy was lucky, is all I'm saying.

Kiy said...

We have a 6 pound yappy furball ourselves, so I understand all about the neighborhood watch dog. Our Max, however, isn't smart enough to hide from the hawk ... he charges them, barking all the while. We have two hawk families living close enough to us to cause quite a bit of concern. Especially for the furball with no self preservation, and the fact that I know someone who did indeed lose there sweetie to a hawk. Needless to say, we keep a pretty close eye out. Just be thankful that Lucy has some smarts and hides!

Cheers, Kiy