Friday, July 3, 2009

Fight like a girl!

That would be Darling Daughter in the photo below. The blurry one trying to get to the top. The one wearing a zebra-striped hair bow and sporting pink toenails with flowers on them. Just because you fight like a girl doesn't mean you can't look like one, too.
The other girl is the instructors daughter, a purple belt with 6 years experience.

DD has been WAITING for the gym to start a ladies class because she really wanted to participate but she's too old for the kids class. And no self-respecting 16 yr old girl wants to roll around on the floor with sweating, hairy, middle-aged men. She would have gladly joined the class full of teenaged boys except that:
A. They're all twice her size and
B. Mommy and Daddy don't want her rolling around in weird positions with teenaged boys! and
C. Teenaged boys tend to be hairy and sweaty, too.
Next on the agenda...ordering a pink gi for her to wear while practicing. Ugh.
She starts training for Cross Country tomorrow morning.
And next week will be her last week of volunteering at the Children's Hospital. She's hoping to be selected for their Teen Board so that she can stay involved over there. She's had a blast delivering presents to the kids and cheering them up, as well as meeting all sorts of folks in the gift shop.


a Tonggu Momma said...

You crack me up! And tell Darling Daughter that an adoptive momma I respect highly (and whose blogs I read) has a daughter who is a national-level competitor in taekwondo. She made it to the finals in the competition deciding on the Beijing Olympic team.

The Momster said...

I think it's awesome. The Bug personally likes it when she gets to knock down this certain purple belted boy in her class...or actually her momma likes it but shhhh! don't tell... Glad to see she's having FUN!