Thursday, July 23, 2009

Double Hysteria?

Did you know that the Greek word for uterus is Hystera? And that years and years ago some doctors believed that the uterus sort of floated around in a woman's body? And if it moved to close to her head, that made her act all hormonal, frantic and confused? And if a woman couldn't control her temperament, they would remove her uterus, thereby getting rid of the organ causing all the HYSTERIA?
I don't know about you, but if my uterus suddenly moved up near my head, I would be all confused and frantic and hysterical myself!
I've had endometriosis for several years. At first the symptoms weren't that bad. Over time it progressed to the point that the pain was no longer tolerable. I had laproscopic surgery to laser off about 42 endometriosis implants three years ago, and the doctor said that was about half of them. He couldn't get to the rest. Six months of shots were supposed to cause the remaining implants to sort of dry up and go away. It seemed to do the trick up until recently...and's back worse than ever. Plus, nothing in there is really working like it should these days. Everything malfunctions in one way or another these days! more hysteria for me.
I will be having ALL my female insides removed in a few weeks.
On August 13, to be exact.
The day before my twins turn twelve.
I get to come home from the hospital on their birthday!
And my daughter will begin her Junior year at school the following Monday.
My twins will not begin school until their mother is well enough to sit upright for a few hours.
I get to be my doctor's VERY FIRST procedure using the new da Vinci robot at our hospital.
If all that wasn't exciting enough, guess what??
My mother will be having a similar surgery on the SAME the SAME doctor...
How awesome is that?
Do you think he's just eager to try out his new operating toy or what?
No really.
Pray for me, people.
I may go absolutely in sane.
I wonder if we could get some sort of Mother-Daughter discount? Or a two-for-one deal?


Hezra said...

hysteria-rectomy to repair hysteria.
Ahhhh. New Bloggy buddy, I will be praying for you and your mom. and YES you should totally get a discount!! And room together, and get freebies of all sorts. hugs to you

The Momster said... this the other day and added you to my prayer list.... big hugs!

Chelsea Gour said...

My goodness! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I can come up if need be! I stayed at Michelle's when Casey was born and she's got a spare room for me, which is just around the corner from you.

a Tonggu Momma said...

You know I'll be praying for you!!!!