Saturday, July 25, 2009



Scootin' For Seth
Is going on're missing out!
The motorcycles have already taken off, but there's plenty to do.
Go meet Seth...Landen's there, too!
Go by the fire dept. and pick up a juicy watermelon to enjoy!
Have some BBQ!
Make a donation to a wonderful cause!

Seth and his Daddy led the motorcycles...

Pip likes the bouncy house...but he says he's too old to be in there so don't tell!

Darling Daughter found a lovely snake to match her room!

If you're really lucky, Seth with put you in a choke hold and make you tap out!

You need to come by the Belvedere Fire Department today for food, fun, entertainment, games, inflatables, yard sale, prizes, and it's all for a wonderful cause! All of the proceeds go to benefit Seth Todd and the surgery that he needs to help him walk!

If you live nearby, come support Seth! This is the very same surgery that our Pip Squeak had when he was four years old that enabled him to make all the progress he has made over the last 8 years. It's a very important procedure for Seth as the doctor's feel that he could be walking on his own within months of this operation. Please come enjoy a Saturday morning of fun and help raise the money to send Seth to St. Louis!

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