Sunday, July 5, 2009

Disclaimer from a kid?

The other day the kids were swimming...or well, not so much swimming as diving for sticks, playing keep-away with a soccer ball, leaping off the diving board and causing general chaos in the water.


So Quatro had the soccer ball and was about to toss it at the Pip Squeak (whom he had already nailed right in the face many times...accidentally of course...and who had whined every time he had gotten hit.) He held the ball back over his head preparing to throw and shouted:

"I will NOT be held responsible for any phyiscal injuries or emotional trauma resulting from the outcome of this throw!"

Come again?

Whatever happened to "Heads up!" ???


Hezra said...

ha ha ha hah! That is so funny. We have those moments too. With words that throw me for a loop. congrats on smart kids!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Hello Future Lawyer. Hopefully he works in corporate law or for the DA. Heh.

lonestar said...

ROFL, that is too funny!

Brianna said...

Agreed on the funnyness factor.
My little brother does that too sometimes. He surprises us with the stuff he comes up with. And some of it he gets from the TV. Like today, he was fake crying (cause he's all dramatic and what not), and when mom asked if he was crying, he said. "no, I'm just sweating through my eyes". That came from Fineas and Ferb, and I only know that becasue we watched it together, but it's the timing that really makes it funny. :)