Friday, July 17, 2009

Dingbats at the Beach

Quatro spent a little time relaxing in his sand recliner while watching his sand TV this week.

(He says there's only ONE show. All sand, all the time.)

He went to the dock to fish by himself for awhile, and when he came back...without the fishing pole...we asked him if he'd caught anything.

"Sure did! I caught 3 flounders and a condo! I tried to throw it back but I couldn't get it loose!"

He got the lure stuck in somebody's roof!
Quator spent a lot of the week picking up little girls. He's quite a lady's man, let me tell you. He has met 10 and 11 year old chicks from all over the place. I dread next year when he's almost thirteen!! I may shave his head and make him wear dorky clothes.

And here's Darling Daughter, the other family weirdo...on the beach doing her impression of a duck. With Pringles for a bill. Lovely, isn't she. Wouldn't you just be tempted to stop and ask for her number if you were a teenaged boy??

And this attractive pillow-head ensemble. Well...words fail me. I have no explanation for the things she does. All I know is she keeps things interesting. And yes, she IS wearing a purple tanktop over her red, white and blue bathing suit and humongous fake pearl earrings. She's very fashionable that way.

This cleaning his area off I think. Somebody sneezed within a forty foot radius and panic ensued. Lucky for us, ocean water kills germs. We took him right out and dunked him a few hundred times. To protect his immune system, you know. Otherwise we may have had to head straight to the hospital for a booster shot.

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Chelsea Gour said...

I love your family! They all crack me up! Looks like you had a great time at the beach and I guess you will be heading home soon. Brianna is coming here a week from Monday and DD is invited to come with if you let her and she has time!