Monday, July 6, 2009

Celebrating the Fourth

The grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins came over to our house on Saturday.
Even one of the great-grandaddy's was present. (He loves any kind of family get-together, especially when there's food involved.)
The cousins hung out in the pool for the afternoon...and Lucy was very well behaved while we had nothing but big kids...she didn't so much as bark at anyone as long as there were teens and preteens fact, she pretty much minded her own business...until the little ones arrived. Then she tried to eat a perfectly innocent three-year-old, so she had to go to her room for the rest of the evening. I'm thinking she needs to be branded a "No Small Children" type of dog. Because the baby didn't even look at her before she went for a leg.

Darling Daughter coaxed the five yr old into the water and then saved the baby when he fell in minutes later. He was wearing some kind of Spiderman life-jacket suit thingie, so he wasn't in any danger...but he wasn't too thrilled at being soaking wet, either.
The above photo is the result of a life-long cheerleader with no little sisters. She forced her brothers to practice stunting with her. Quatro has gotten pretty darn good at it!
Then the exhausted kids came inside whining about being hungry...but it wasn't quite time to eat yet. So...what to do? Stick a huge tray of veggies in front of them. Have you ever seen 11-19 year olds on a feeding frenzy?? It really doesn't matter what you give them...when they're starving, they'll devour anything in their path. They finished off cucumbers, red & green bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower in about 10 minutes.
Then it was on to the "real" food. BBQ chicken, ribs, hash, rice, potato salad, rolls, pineapple upside down cake, strawberry pie and ummm...

ice cold, juicy, sweet watermelon!!

Did you notice? One twin used a fork and a plate for his watermelon? The other dug in face first and gobbled it down! Then stuck his face in the pool to clean it off.

The girls had stayed up until about 5 am the night before so I'm not really sure how they were STILL up at dark...

but they were ready for some fireworks!
We were treated to quite a show between Oldest and Quatro and our neighbors who usually spend a fortune on the things!

Darling Daughter even held a sparkler...without burning her fingers!!

We felt quite safe with three firemen on board. The Oldest did most of the firework-lighting, but this year Quatro convinced his dad that he was old enough to help. He actually did well and had fun, but let me just say...Pip fireworks. Ever. That boy is scary! Oldest handed him a Roman Candle and he proceeded to point it straight into the woods. Then turned around and aimed it at the truck! Then he went to light another one and LEANED DOWN over it while trying to light the good. He'll be on the sidelines watching for a while yet!

It's a good thing we celebrated the Fourth of July on the Fourth and not the Fifth! We had great weather...a little warm, but not humid and a nice breeze. But the FIFTH! Storms, lightning, thunder, wind, torrential rain, limbs down, power out! Whew!

Well...I'm off to pack. Beach this weekend!

Which reminds me...anyone want to Lucy-sit next week??


a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm SO proud of Darling Daughter! It takes tremendous talent for someone like us to avoid third degree burns when handling firecrackers. I know I still avoid the things.

Brianna said...

You celebrate Fourth of July on the fourth?! So weird. What would make you do that? We usually celebrate it on the tenth over here. You and your crazy ways, I tell ya.