Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back in the SWARM of things

My poor little traumatized Quatro:

He's still sleeping off the shock, horror, pain...and Benadryl.
We arrived home from the beach to a warm welcome by Lucy the Demon Dog. She was so excited to see her family that she went nuts for half an hour, jumping, licking, yapping and running wild all over the house.
Quatro opened the front door to go help his dad unload the Tahoe and Lucy ran out ahead of him. He called to her, but naturally she didn't listen. I heard him slam the door as he went after her, laughing and whistling to her.
And then...
Screams of pure terror!
The first thought that went through my mind? Lucy had run into the street and been hit!
The second thought? Quatro had chased after her into the street and been hit!
What actually happened?
He stepped out the front door and was attacked by the wasps that had moved to our front porch while we were gone.
He got stung twice on the ear and once on the face!
He calmed down after his daddy applied generous wads of slimy, chewed up tobacco to his injuries and he took a Benadryl just in case....because the Oldest is highly allergic and Quatro had never been stung.
What a welcome home!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, no! But I'm grateful for the tip about chewing tobacco. I didn't know that would work.

Chelsea Gour said...

Oh, poor kid. Noah got stung once this Saturday. He survived!

Tammy said...

Poor son would have had a come apart for HOURS!

Michelle said...

tobacco, yuck!!! i know lucy was glad to see you!