Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Prayer Meetin'

Earlier this week I posted about Darling Daughter beginning her new "job" at the hospital. Well, it's been three days now and I am happy to report that she LOVES it. She's having the time of her life meeting med students, chatting with physicians, making deliveries and basically just enjoying the fact that she's THERE in that atmosphere soaking up the medical vibes.
Yes, she likes being at the hospital. Weird, I know.
Along with the good parts, though, are the heartbreaking. She's not only getting a lesson in giving of herself and her time, she's getting a lesson in humanity. This week has taken her out of her sheltered life of home, school, church and friends even more so that the mission trips she has been on in the past. Over the last few days she has met children battling cancer, parents fighting fatigue and trying to hold on to hope, and homeless people just looking for a place to escape the 97 degree temps for a few minutes. She has witnessed a woman standing on top of a table in the adjoining restaurant dancing while singing about Santa Claus. And this morning as we took a slightly different route to "work" she caught a glimpse of what it's like to sleep under a bridge.
So the challenge this summer is not just going to be about getting out of bed at 7 AM and working for free. It's going to be about showing kindness to a stranger who's hurting. Even if it's just a smile and a sweet word. It's going to be about treating everyone she meets with a loving attitude. Because, remember what I said last week? God loves each of us. Even the table-dancing/Santa-singing ones. I hope my girl comes away from this summer of volunteering with a little broader outlook on life, and compassion for those who are going through hell right here on earth...whether it's because of an illness or unfortunate circumstances. I know that I'll be learning right along with her. I'm praying that we can find a way to reach out to some of them...especially the singer in McDonalds.
Is there a way you can reach out this week? Do you know someone who's family member is sick? Maybe they could use some lunch or someone to watch the patient while they sneak a quick shower. Are there people sleeping under your bridge? Dancing on the tables at your local restaurant? Maybe you could hand them a hamburger or a gift card for a meal. See if you can make a stranger smile this week.
Prayers: Little Landen is about to undergo surgery on his tummy. Actually the best surgeon at our local Children's Hospital has never done the procedure that Landen needs on a baby before. He's speaking with a specialist in California before going ahead with things. Please pray for the right decisions and guidance as well as peace for Landen's parents.
My kids. The teenagers leave at 3:30 AM on Saturday morning for their mission trip to West Virginia. The Oldest will be on the bus, while Darling Daughter scored a ride in the truck with her favorite female leader. The whole World Changers group will be repairing roofs, painting, drywalling, building ramps...whatever homeowners need. Please pray for their safety on the road and during the trip. Teenagers and rooftops worry me, but they usually come back in one piece. Also pray that they will reach out and witness to those around them.
OK, I'm outta here. I have about 10 millions things to do before a certain SWEET SIXTEEN party which will take place TOMORROW!! Ugh. Pray for ME! I cannot believe my little girl is turning 16.


Michelle said...

i am so glad dd likes her "job" i cant believe she is going to be 16!!! prayers for all you said. also, i have a friend who is battling cancer

a Tonggu Momma said...

Are your teens doing ASP? Because the husband and I did that for three years in a row.

And yes, God DOES love the table-dancing, Santa-singing ones. *grin*

My prayer request? A second for little Landen.

Brianna said...

I can just imagine how awesome it must be for Darling Daughter right now- from the hospital to her 16th birthday.
Best wishes to all! :)

AZ Chapman said...

sweet 16 sounds good come visit I have something pip squek and your family could do

The Momster said...

Wow - 16... and working! Where does the time go from being little girls wearing pink framed glasses to working in a hospital and having a party????

My prayers are out there for Landen. A request for my sister who is recovering from minor surgery yesterday and Hubs will have surgery next Tuesday on his knee.