Tuesday, June 23, 2009

They're baaa-aack!

What's new around Source-dom?
Well...the teenagers are back for one thing. (That's a photo of the entire World Changers group in WV. All churches. ABout 300 people I think.) I'm going to share a little secret with you. It sure was a lot quieter and somewhat less stressful with only two 11 yr olds in the house. Plus, there was a drastic reduction in the amount of laundry!! I mean, I'm completely thrilled that they're safely back home, and I missed them like crazy. But we're back into the swing of volunteering, part-time jobs, meeting friends, coming in late, staying up all night, eating meals at odd hours...and I'm exhausted! I guess teenagers add a level of activity and excitement that I hadn't realized before. It will definitely be weird once they're grown and gone.
Pip Squeak had his second visit with the Chiropractor yesterday morning. First, he got a 30 minute massage. Let me tell you, he enjoyed the heck out of that!! We're going to schedule him for one every month for a while. It really seemed to help relax his hips and shoulders that stay so tight due to Cerebral Palsy. The massage therapist was really good. She could tell that his right side has more spasticity that his left. She worked him over pretty well and then the doctor came in to do another adjustment on his neck...but didn't have to. He found everything to be in great shape this time! And no more neck pain!
Well..we're headed to Jiu Jitsu. To sit in chairs and sweat while Pip works out.

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