Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

June 12, 1993
I woke up around 9:00 am on that sunny Saturday morning, exactly 39 weeks pregnant and having a few contractions. I enjoy some peace and quiet first thing in the morning (That means nobody talk to me until I've had a Diet Coke, please!) so without waking little Oldest and the Hubby, I quietly got into the shower and relaxed a few minutes while timing the contractions. I figured I would have several hours before my baby girl made her entrance into the world.
Hmmm. You know how some people like to have ALL the attention? And they sort of burst onto the scene and make everyone pay attention to them? Have you met my daughter?!
As it turned out, we grabbed our three-year old red-headed son, plopped him in the vehicle and left for the hospital in a HURRY around 11:00 am. We were promptly pulled over by the Texas police on the interstate. After peeking into the passenger's seat and seeing my serene, calm, glowing face and exploding belly, he let us go. (I mean, all I had to do was say "See the suitcase?? See the pain?? We have to move on, here! Police escort??)
Luckily, we made it to the hospital with time to spare. Time enough for our friends to come and take Oldest to the zoo. Time enough for the Hubby to grab a juicy Whopper from Burger King...which he proceeded to eat in front of me...while I munched on ice chips.
Darling Daughter made her debut a short time later. She didn't wait for the doctor. Oh no, she had other plans. She popped on out and he arrived just in time to catch her. And then. Oh THEN she announced her arrival to the entire hospital. She screamed for hours. Literally. She yelled through her weigh-in, her first bath, her first diaper and the taking of all her vital signs. She did not shut up until she was handed over to her proud Daddy.
Well...if you've read here for any length of time at all, you're probably aware that she still isn't the silent type. Not our girl. She's what people used to call a Go-Getter. She's vibrant and funny and full of life. She's not afraid to meet new challenges head-on. She still bursts onto a scene and expects all eyes on her. She works hard at making her dreams come true.
And tomorrow...she will be sixteen.
Happy Birthday, my girl! I love you so much!
It's party time!

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a Tonggu Momma said...

Happy Sweet 16 to the gal I hope my Tongginator mimics as a teen.