Saturday, June 6, 2009


How to keep from being bored??
Well...slap on your favorite Frog Man mask.

Guzzle some ice cold root beer.

Show off those muscles and farmer's tans!
(Or in Quato's case, that bony chest & those scrawny arms.)

Lay out IN the pool so you'll stay nice & cool.

Just chill.

Monday marks the beginning of Darling Daughter's days of summer volunteering at the children's hospital and in a little over a week the older two kids will head off on their mission trip to hammer and paint and roof houses. In the meantime, we'll be hanging out by the pool relaxing and enjoying the bright sunshine!


Brianna said...

Summer is so beautiful! Everything about it.... it's just Gorgeous. I love summer!

Chelsea Gour said...

Hey, that looks like fun! Where are the kids doing their Mission this summer?

The Inept Aspirant said...

You obviously don't live in Maine...pool days for us are still a long way off (for me they don't start until at least July).

Tammy said...

No better place to hang out to start off the summer. We joined the pool down the street and it was money well spent. Kids love it and they crash at bedtime!