Friday, June 19, 2009

Minor Adjustments

Pip Squeak came home from Jiu Jitsu with a complaint the other day. This is highly unusual because for some strange reason that boy loves everything about Jiu Jitsu, from stretching to learning new moves to sparring to playing war. He doesn't even seem to mind that there is NO AIR CONDITIONER in the building. We live in South Carolina, ya'll. It's June. It's been 98 degrees in the shade all week. Not a gripe about the heat as he jumps into my car dripping with sweat.
Of course, I always bring along an extra cold bottle of water and a popsicle, so that could have something to do with it.
Anyway, at some point on Tuesday, whether during Jiu Jitsu practice or swimming or whatever, he somehow hurt his neck. He began mentioning it Tuesday evening. By Friday morning it hadn't gotten any better and he couldn't turn his head to the left or look up very called his friend's dad. Pip Squeak's favorite sparring partner's dad is a Chiropractor!
I was more than a little, tiny bit worried about having Pip go in for an adjustment since he did have major surgery on his spine as a small child. There's something about having his back twisted and popped that just doesn't quite sit right with me. Still, the child was in pain, so we went. We talked with the doctor for several minutes about the problem and about Pip's medical history and then we followed the doc into an exam room. He plopped Pip Squeak up on the table and had him lie down. Then he rubbed some strongly aromatic oils on his hands (read that as SMELLY, pepperminty, clear your sinuses) and massaged and pulled and gently stretched Pip's neck. Then he probed and prodded all around his neck, feeling for misalignment and knotted muscles. Once my boy was nice and relaxed...not suspecting anything...with a quick twist the doctor made my child's neck go snap, crackle, POP!
Pip Squeak's eyes flew open and he burst out laughing!
The doctor turned him over on his side, folded his arms and did something else...a few more small pops and that was it. The child is in very little pain now. He was able to turn his head almost normally right away. I take him back on Monday morning for his 30 minutes with the massage therapist and probably another adjustment. He can't wait! I'm hoping that in addition to making his neck better, the massages will help loosen some of the tension and tightness he always has in his back and shoulders.
He's going to end up one spoiled kid! Hey, maybe we can schedule two massages at the SAME TIME! A mom one and a kid one! Why didn't I think of that earlier??

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a Tonggu Momma said...

With my sensory issues, I cannot imagine... but I'm glad Pip Squeak is feeling better. My sister goes to a chiropractor and loves it.