Monday, June 15, 2009

Keepin' it real...

** Disclaimer~ I will probably be making two teenagers mad at me by writing about this, but I'm doing it anyway for two reasons. One, because they are out of town and won't read it until next week! And two, because I need to make sure that y'all don't get the wrong impression. Can't have my readers thinking that my teens are too good to be true. Cause that just isn't the case!!**

My two older kids have very different personalities. (If you've read anything here on The Source, than you probably already know that.) One of them is very much a homebody. He doesn't like to venture too far from his comfort zone. And when he does, he tends to get a little, umm, touchy. The other one lives for new adventures and can't tolerate the same-old-same-old for very long. She's free-spirited and wide-open most of the time. Nothing wrong with being either way. I love them both in equal amounts. Promise.

Now usually, my two polar opposites compliment each other quite well. They get along with each other and hang out together all the time. It's pretty amazing to watch a brother and sister enjoy such a good relationship. (Because I didn't grow up with brothers, mine were born after I graduated high school, and they're way too young to hang out with.)

However. All it took this week was a little change in situation. Like, say, being several hundred miles from home. They've been gone for three days on their mission trip to West Virginia and I've already gotten a phone call (on a forbidden cell, no less) from my Oldest asking me to "Do something" about his little sister. Whining like a ten year old. "She's doing this, and she said that." I am expected to fuss at her thoroughly over the phone from down here in good old South Carolina and "make her behave." Ugh.

I don't doubt for a moment that she did the things he said. She has been known to borrow his things without asking. On a daily basis. actually. She can be a bit hyper-excitable when she's out in the world enjoying life, so she probably IS hopping around talking the ears off people she's never met. And I doubt she's slept 3 hours all week. But. I've talked to two chaperones that are with her and they say she's fine. They haven't seen her do anything out of character. Which means that she's just getting on big brother's nerves. Because he isn't happy showering and sleeping in the midst of 300 other teenagers and she is.

Oh, the drama. It's a very good thing he didn't move away for college. I don't know if I could endure weekly gripes about roommates who put their stuff on his bed or use his toothpaste without asking.

SO...there you have it. See, my kids bicker and tattle on each other just like everyone else's. They just do it when they're older and really far away.

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Chelsea Gour said...

Whew! Glad to hear it. Nice to know your kids are just. like. mine!