Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kan't Klose My Krispy Kreme!

I read some disturbing news the other day regarding a few well-known businesses that economists are predicting will go bankrupt in the near future. Among those mentioned were Rite Aid, Blockbuster, Sbarro's, Captain D's and umm...Krispy Kreme!

I'm sorry, but I do not accept the prediction. Somebody, somewhere, has made a huge mistake. The way I see it, there are many other pharmacies I can go to when I need to pick up some Amoxicillin or Pepto Bismol. I don't rent movies at Blockbuster because hello...Netflix! On Demand! Who needs to get in the car to rent a movie!?? Also, mall pizza?? Blech! Minced, battered fish product? No, thanks. I'd rather not.

But Krispy Kreme?? Oh. There is NOTHING out there to compare. Where else on earth can you buy a sugar-shock-in-a-box for your family for only 7 dollars?? Grocery store doughnuts can't hold a candle to a Krispy Kreme glazed hot off the conveyor belt and freshly pulled from its sweet shower of glaze . And the chocolate covered cream-filled? Well, I'm sorry to say, but Dunkin' Donuts just don't do it for me.

The twins have decided to launch their own campaign to save our beloved Krispy Kreme. They figure if they can talk their dad into buying a dozen every evening, they will gladly do their part by eating them before he comes home from work each day! This way, at least one store will remain open...and it'll be in OUR town!


Tammy said...

NO WAY on the KK! But I will admit I do love me some DD too! I have room in my life for both places. :-)

I guess I'd be willing to do my part.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Nnooooooooo!!!!! Especially since we live so very close to one of the few Krispy Kreme bakeries. I am in shock. SHOCK, I tell you.

Brianna said...

Well, we don't eat donuts very often but when we do, it's always KK. I can't believe it. Well, now that we all know about this prediction, maybe we can stop it.
Good luck on your mission to keep KK open at all costs. :)