Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Graduates

I am officially NOT the mother of any elementary school children any more. I'll never have another little one attending that neighborhood school down the road. These two handsome young men are the last of our four...

and they have just completed the 5th grade.

Their teacher had parents write her a letter at the beginning of the school year telling her about our child's stengths, weaknesses, personalities, goals, etc. She gave them back to us today and I'm happy to report that both of my boys met all of their goals. Pip Squeak wanted to earn 100 points in Accelerated Reading...and he earned 133. He wanted to do better in math and he hoped to beat the entire 5th grade at the flexed arm hang in PE. He accomplished both of those goals, too. Quatro said that he wanted to make the honor roll all year, get a girlfriend and learn to ride a skateboard. Well...happily he DID make the honor roll. He DOES have a girlfriend...see:

SHE made all A's from first grade through fifth! Smart girl! As for that skateboard goal...well, he did win won at awards day, but we have only let him stand on it in the grass so far! Maybe when my roll of bubble wrap comes in he can try skating on the driveway.

And now...let the fun begin! We're tired of waking up at 6 am and doing homework and packing lunches and projects and progress reports and all of that stuff. Goodbye 5th grade. So long office ladies, gym teacher, music teacher, library books, milk cartons, crayons, glue sticks and water fountains. We'll miss you. But we'll be sleeping in, hitting the pool and being lazy!

And next year? Homeschool! The adventure begins!


AZ Chapman said...

congrats u two 5th grade love lol

Chelsea Gour said...

YAY! Good for you guys! I know mom and dad are proud!

Brianna said...

I remember when I graduated from Elementary school. I said goodbye to all my teachers, and then I waited in the playground for dad to come get me. I waited for like an hour because daddy lost his keys. I was tempted to walk down to my cousins' grandparents' house(they're pretty much my family too), but I stayed put...on the playground.... all alone....on the last day of school. I'm just kidding. But elementary school was awesome. Now my little brother goes there.

Good job guys! :)