Thursday, June 18, 2009

Exploding Deer

Or maybe I should have titled this post: Splat!
My two teens are still up in West Virginia, and they are having one adventure after another. Did I mention that Darling Daughter almost fell off of a roof? She slid down the sloping part and onto the flat part where her crew chief caught her, thank you LORD! Thank you crew chief! She's got some scrapes from the shingles, but she didn't hit the ground, so all is good. For now. Next time she goes away I do intend to take a Sharpie and write "CAUTION!" or "DANGER GIRL!" across her forehead...just to warn the adults in charge of her potential for disaster.
So, the Oldest called me Tuesday night with quite an interesting story. It seems that the his crew was riding back to the high school (where they sleep and eat) in the van, right behind the crew chief in his extra-large pick-up truck pulling a trailer full of equipment. (Remember that they're up there to redo houses.) So they're driving along when out of nowhere leaps a deer! It runs full speed right into the side panel of the truck...and its umm...its...well...its head flew off. And THEN it bounced off the truck, hit the trailer and sort of exploded. EEEeewww. Oldest says it was pretty nasty. The body ended up wrapped around a street sign and the rest of it was smeared all over the trailer and truck. He says it was like something out of a horror movie. Of course, the boys thought it was AWESOME and the girls were ready to puke!
Otherwise than suicidal wildlife, they're having a wonderful time. The homeowner that Oldest's crew is working for has Alzheimer's and is really sweet. He says she's thrilled to have teenagers there to talk to and tells them every day that she's going to bake them a cake. I haven't heard much about DD's homeowner yet, because she's TOO BUSY to talk to her mom for five minutes before she goes to bed at night and it's not like she's hundreds of mile away or anything and I'll get to see her in Saturday whatever. I know she loves me. Right?? She can tell me all the details this weekend!

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a Tonggu Momma said...

A decapitated deer makes for great dinner conversation. Especially on a date. You should tell him to try it.