Friday, June 12, 2009

The Dingbat Diaries, Birthday Edition

In spite of my numerous attempts to convince her it wasn't necessary, Darling Daughter went ahead and turned 16. She never listens to her mother.
Her daddy and I had offered an elaborate Sweet Sixteen bash complete with dancing, a DJ, and invitations sent to everyone she has ever known. She didn't want that, though. She prefers to celebrate in a more intimate fashion. So, although it meant the Hubby wouldn't get to dance with his baby girl on her birthday while everyone ooohed and ahhhed, we gave in to her wishes. After all, it is all about her. Instead of a big party, we took her out to dinner. Along with all of her best friends who aren't currently at the beach. After dinner, we came home to celebrate with more friends and family.
We sang, ate cake and then...she opened presents!
Being the only girl in the family has it's advantages. Darling Daughter received some really thoughtful gifts. Everyone wanted to mark the occasion of her 16th birthday with something special...something that she could look back and say, "I got this from Aunt Lovie the day I turned sixteen."
My mom put a lot of thought into her gift as well. She and I went to pick it up on Wednesday. It's a lovely grown-up ladies watch with a second hand. It's a doctor's watch. So that when Darling Daughter is in med school and needs to time contractions or take pulses or record respirations she can use the watch that her grandmother gave her for her 16th birthday.
Darling Daughter opened her gifts and exclaimed over them one by one. Then she came to Grandma's gift. She tore into the wrapping paper and looked at the box. She read the word on top. She looked up at everyone with a puzzled expression.
No, dear. It's pronounced "Say-co"....Seiko.
Perhaps grandma should have bought her some Hooked on Phonics instead??


a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh my lands, I just LOVE your girl. Happy Sweet Sixteen!

Brianna said...

LOL is all I have to say. :D

Chelsea Gour said...

Got to love her!

Dawn said...

That was funny! I have two daughters and you just never know what's gonna come out of their mouths. I'm a high school librarian. I have two large clocks. Most kids ask me what time it is because they don't want to whip out their phone in front of me because they can't tell time with an analog clock!