Monday, June 29, 2009

A Chiweenie Tale...(not tail)

Please look closely.
Yes, she is smiling! All's well that ends well.

I know...a smiling freaks me out, too!
And now, a cautionary tale of love and betrayal and forgiveness.
Try to picture yourself as a tiny, reddish-brown seven pound doggie with mismatched ears (one flops all the way forward and the other does not) and a sweet little freaky smile on your face. You're busy joyfully completing your daily chore of serenading the entire town with your full range of barking skills. Your favorite children are in the pool, splashing water at you from time to time. Your hulking six foot tall owner-man comes out into your yard. Normally, the presence of the man is a good thing. If you wag your tail hard enough, the man will throw your favorite tennis ball a few times for you and pat your tummy. If you're really lucky he'll pick you up and let you lick all the sweat off his ears! Naturally, when the man comes into the yard, you launch yourself toward him like a football!
THIS afternoon the man is holding a huge metal thing in his hand. He's pulling on a string. You're not afraid, though, because you love the man. You run right up to him! Suddenly, the thing makes a loud Vrroooooommmmm noise and something lashes out at your side! The man didn't see you coming and you ran right in front of the weedeater just as he was cranking it up!
OUCH!! Holy Kibbles and Bits!
You run away yelping and whining because THAT HURT!!
You scamper away so quickly that your family cannot find you. The children rush out of the pool, dripping and calling your name. They panic because they don't know where the heck you went and they need to know if you're hurt. They look EVERYwhere for you, but you're not stupid! You aren't coming out of your hiding place. Your humans know good and well that you can't have gotten out of the yard, but they're out in the front asking the neighbors if they're seen you. Ha ha...what they don't know is that you've crawled up under the air conditioner and under the foundation of the house! And now you're scared, hurt and STUCK under there! You hear them calling for you, but you don't make a sound. They're afraid you have gone somewhere and DIED and now your favorite boy is crying.
THEN...the scary man opens the door to the crawl space. He whistles and calls to you. You're no sucker! He has the weedeater! You back further and further under the house so the man can't reach you. The whole family calls to you...with treats and bacon even! But you're not budging. The man loses patience with you because it's about 130 degrees outside and he needs to finish the yard! Plus everyone wants to see if you're OK. But you WON'T come out from under the darn house!! So he leaves you there and closes the door back figuring you will come out when you feel safe.
And now your favorite boy is yelling that his poor pitiful puppy is going to starve to death under there and he'll find nothing but Lucy bones and he'll never get over it!
So you decide to come back out the way you went in. You are treated to lots of hugs and kisses and get to lick the boy's face all you want. Once it's obvious that you're not really hurt and are probably even going to live a long and fulfilling life, the kids jump back in the pool and you think you're free to go back to alerting the entire neighborhood that you exist.
And then the man cranks up that weedeater and you have to run and hide AGAIN.
**Lucy got lashed with the weedeater Sunday afternoon. She's fine. She has one small welt on her side, but she did scare us half to death. From now on she will be confined to her kennel during any and all yardwork involving motors!!


Brianna said...

You lost me at trying to picture myself as a dog with mismatched ears and a freaky smile. j/k :)
Poor puppy though. :(

Hezra said...

what a tale! Thank you for sharing. I am glad Lucy is ok, and the kids aren't scarred for life(right?). My horse /dog Golden retriever cannot possibly get accidentally hit by the weedeater. . . he is just too big to sneak. and um, he smiles too. . . I thoughtit was a normal dog thing. lol Now I realize I have a freak??

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, poor Lucy!!!! Glad all is well and the favorite boy was able to dry his tears. (question: does the non-favorite boy think that he IS the favorite boy?)