Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Burglars Beware!

The Twins of Terror will be 12 soon and from time to time we allow them to stay home by themselves (together) for a little while. They've been drilled on what to do in case of fire. They have all the phone numbers they would ever possibly need. They know not to open the door to anyone. They know not to cook or get in the shower while we're gone. And they usually keep the alarm system on.

Yesterday evening (with the Oldest at work and Darling Daughter at a party) the Hubby and I needed to run an errand, so we got the boys out of the pool, stuck them in front of a pizza, and told them we'd be back in an hour. After checking to be sure all doors were locked, everyone had Mountain Dew and all faces were being stuffed with pepperoni, we left.

Imagine our surprise when we got this phone call from the Oldest 30 minutes later:

"Mom, where are you and Dad?" This means he's on break and wants food most of the time.

"How far are you from the house?" About 5 minutes, why?

"The boys just called...they heard a noise and they think someone's in the house. You might want to hurry." What?? Why would they call you? Why didn't they call us??? They know they have the alarm on, no one could have gotten in without setting it off. Plus, Lucy would be having a hissy fit because even butterflies aren't allowed through our air space without her permission!

"I don't know, but...you might want to get home, they said they're checking things out. They're going room to room...WITH a wrench, a flash light, a pocket knife and a sling shot full of marbles! I told them to put the knife up right now!"

Oh good LORD. MARBLES?? We were literally right around the corner. We called the two bozos up and told them to cool it. They weren't even scared...they were planning to sneak up on the alleged criminal and pop him in the head with a few marbles out of the sling shot. And I guess once he hit the ground they were going to beat him with the wrench? Or shine him to death with the flash light?

I threatened to get them a babysitter if they pull another stunt like this. I'm telling you...two kids the same age...they can come up with more trouble than ONE kid EVER thought of on his own!


Chelsea Gour said...

That is hilarious! We have a similar story....must be a twin thing!

Brianna said...

I agree with that. Me and Brooke do the stupidest stuff when we're together that neither one of us would have even thought up alone. Or used to that is. She's got another partner in crime these days. :)

So you never did say what was making the noise that they were going to marble to death???

Tammy said...

Bwah ha ha ha....like David and Goliath with that slingshot and marbles.

The Inept Aspirant said...

Hi, found your blog through Rechelle or April, can't remember which one.. and didn't want to be a lurker..so, nice to "meet" you and I'll be back!